Somewhat surprisingly, Minnesota’s Democrats are

Somewhat surprisingly, Minnesota’s Democrats are running scared. The lawsuit filed earlier today, which I posted on below, requests that absentee ballots cast for Paul Wellstone be construed as votes for Walter Mondale. The Democrats’ position is too ridiculous to require refutation. How a voter could be “deemed” to have voted for a candidate who was not even in the race at the time the voter filled out the ballot is incomprehensible. At the same time, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a semi-official voice of the DFL party, says that “all Minnesotans” are “lucky to have [Mondale]” as a candidate and warns the Republicans against attacking Mondale in the few remaining days of the campaign. Apparently the Democrats are afraid that after eighteen years of retirement from public life, Mondale will be unable to meet the rigors of even a six-day campaign. It will be interesting to see how the Star Tribune responds when Mondale declines Coleman’s challenge to debate the issues of the day.


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