Rocket Man, we report, you

Rocket Man, we report, you decide. The Coleman campaign shares your skepticism. Here follows the Coleman campaign’s response to Daves, received a moment ago:
“You admit that there was a 100% increase in the partisanship measure (to 10%) from your last poll and from what is historically valid per exit polls (which is 5%). This ignores that you generated another 5% of imbalance by not considering leaners a part of their party – which I find inexplicable and inconsistent with what many other pollsters do. In your news article you refer to them as Democrats/Republicans so why are the leaners not worthy of consideration as members of their party with respect to your polling? If you include them you created a 15% over sample of Democrats. The fact that you had the same number of hard D’s from your last poll is really irrelevant. It is the relative partisanship that matters – so you did oversample Democrats compared to Republicans. If the goal was to accurately inform readers, then you failed. Finally, you did not explain why this absolutely critical issue of your sampling is never explained to readers. You manage to reveal in the news articles how many phone lines are in each household you sampled, but neglect to discuss what is the easiest way to generate a distorted result for the poll. I do not get it…”


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