Usually we rely on Rocket

Usually we rely on Rocket Man to bring us the latest from DebkaFile, an Israel-based internet publication devoted to reporting and analysis of intelligence, security, and terrorism issues. However, with Rocket Man working diligently to get to the bottom of the Star Tribune’s treatment of “leaners,” it is left to me to present DebkaFile’s analysis of the Labor Party’s walkout from the Israeli government. Its basic take is similar to the Jerusalem Post’s discussed below — key Labor Party minister Ben Eliezer walked out to salvage his faltering position within the Party. However, in typical fashion, DebkaFile adds twist upon twist to the analysis. First, it reports that Ben Eliezer’s ploy isn’t working; he is actually losing ground within his party. Second, DebkaFile sees the influence of the European Union and the State Department behind the walkout as part of plan to replace Sharon with a left of center government that can work with Arafat. But third, DebkaFile argues that Arafat would actually rather see Sharon in power, inasmuch as Sharon has decided not to harm Arafat, so he can go on playing the victim of a “repressive” govenment. Nonetheless, Arafat is happy to see the breakup of the coalition government because it makes it more likely that Sharon will be further ostracized by the international community.
My view is that there’s a war coming in the region that will shake things up in ways that will render irrelevant the games being played in connection with the walkout.


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