Don Lambro of the Washington

Don Lambro of the Washington TImes reports that the big-three Democratic strategists — Carville, Shrum, and pollster Stanley Grennberg — are advising Democratic candidates not to play up the economy as an election issue in the final days of the campaign. Why? Because Greenberg’s polls show that the Republicans have a one-point lead on who can best handle the economy. Lambro cites the Georgia Senate race as exhibit A. Democratic incumbent Max Cleland has apparently lost all of what was once a large lead over Republican Saxby Chambliss, who is campaigning on abolishing the capital gains and death taxes. The larger point, as Lambro notes, is that the swing voters most likely to base their decisions on economic issues are members of the new investor class. These folks tend to understand economic issues and, for the most part, cannot be “spooked by class warfare.”


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