Trunk’s comments on Alan Page

Trunk’s comments on Alan Page cause me to think about the current campaign by “civil rights” lawyers, including Johnnie Cochran, to coerce the NFL into hiring more African-American head coaches. The NFL is negotiating with Cochran and his colleagues over this. Cochran’s group is pushing a plan whereby teams that hire African-Americans will be awarded extra draft picks. The Washington Post reports that Players Association president Gene Upshaw, an African American and NFL contemporary of Alan Page, is “vehemently opposed” to this plan. Good for him. The plan amounts to bribing teams to hire African Americans. By the same token, it punishes teams that hire white coaches they honestly consider the best available candidate. In addition, it would probably create bidding wars for highly qualified Africian American candidates, thus artificially inflating their salaries. In other words, if the plan works as intended, it will create racial discrimination with respect to both hiring and compensation. This is what passes for “civil rights” these days.


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