Michelle Malkin is a great

Michelle Malkin is a great favorite of Power Line, especially for her efforts on immigration issues. In this piece, she notes that no one seems to know how old accused sniper John Lee Malvo really is. This uncertainty points to a basic problem in our immigration system. As Malkin explains, minors who enter the U.S. illegally qualify for exemption from immediate deportation. They are automatically released to any family member living in the U.S. pending deportation hearings that often do not occur for many months. How does the INS determine the age of illegal immigrants who claim to be minors? According to Malkin, INS policy calls for the use of dental records and wrist bone X-rays. But liberal advocacy groups have attacked these tests as inhumane. One such group is the Northwest Immigrants Rights Project, which came to Malvo’s aid when he was in INS custody. So what Malkin wants to know is, how did INS verify Malvo’s age “before sending him on his merry way.”


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