More on the Wellstone death

More on the Wellstone death rally: Rocket Man is an optimist by nature; I am a pessimist. It’s part of our yin and yang, like Lennon and McCartney. But I’m beginning to feel the Coleman campaign coming on. In the spirit of disobedience to the Star Tribune’s editorial edict that we attempt to “put aside” our revulsion over Tuesday evening’s death rally, I am now dubbing the Mondale campaign “the Wellstone death rally” for the purpose of our updates over the next few days, so that we can continue to dwell on the death rally even if only by extension.
On its own terms, there are a couple of odd things about the Mondale candidacy right out of the box. First, little notice has been taken of the fact that Mondale stated following his endorsement by the DFL on Wednesday that, like Senator Wellstone, he would have voted to oppose the congressional resolution of force against Iraq. Here’s the Pioneer Press account, from “Mondale pledges to be voice of the people, of Wellstone”:
“He said he agreed with Wellstone’s controversial vote against a possible war with Iraq. ‘Iraq is dangerous, but going it alone is dangerous, too,’ Mondale said. ‘We have a United Nations. Let’s use it. We have allies. Let’s enlist them. Let’s back our demands for inspection with force, if necessary, but let’s multiply that force by the strength of a united world. That’s the belief that won Jimmy Carter the Nobel Peace Prize. That’s the course that the first President Bush took in the gulf war. And that’s where Paul Wellstone stood


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