The excellent Victor Davis Hanson

The excellent Victor Davis Hanson on “al Qaedism.” This is the term Hanson uses to describe those who, though not part of al Qaeda, commit acts of terrorism out of sympathy with al Qaeda and/or radical Islamic fundamentalism. As Hanson notes, one did not need to be a formal follower of Hitler to be fascistic, or a member of Stalin’s party to be communistic. And the al Qaedists can be as dangerous as actual members of al Qaeda cells. Hanson concludes that “to rid us of al Qaedists, we must first not merely destroy al Qaeda, but do so in such comprehensive and humiliating fashion that the easy emulation of the radical Islamicist agenda not only draws opposition from friends and family but utter ridicule.” In addition, says Hanson, although we cannot “censor” those who express sympathy with the radical Islamic fundamentalism, we should surely “censure” them.


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