More on the Wellstone death

More on the Wellstone death rally (a/k/a the Mondale campaign): Walter Mondale has been associated with so many fiascos, extending back so far in time, that one almost needs to be a professional historian to be aware of them all. Given the relative recency of the events, however, we should not forget the extent to which Mondale undertook the role of butt boy for Bill Clinton: he was a butt boy for Clinton to such an extent that he should properly be deemed, in the parlance of Little Trunk, an “ass clown.”
In 1996 when Bill Clinton was immersed in the campaign finance scandals that all by themselves should have destroyed him, he called on Walter Mondale to provide politcal cover for him as the head of a commission on campaign finance reform. Rocket Man and I wrote a piece in which we tried to capture some of the comedy and irony involved in this scenario. By popular demand (my own), I am reposting the piece for whatever current interest and relevance it may have. The piece was originally published in the Washington Times and the Star Tribune in 1997. The piece is “Fritz ’56: The Young Mondale’s Reflections on Campaign Finance Reform.”


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