The Mondale Rope-a-Dope: Just as

The Mondale Rope-a-Dope: Just as Fritz Mondale was approaching the end of his service as a Minnesota senator, Muhammad Ali was perfecting the rope-a-dope boxing strategy that he employed with great effect against George Foreman in Kinshasa, Zaire. Ali’s rope-a-dope involved his covering his face with his fists and inclining back against the ropes, conserving his energy while his opponent flailed away at him. The Mondale rope-a-dope takes this strategy one step further, requiring the contender to lean against the ropes alone in a ring at least 100 miles away from the match. Brilliant! Hey, he can’t lose if he’s not there. The Washington Times has an excellent account of last night’s match in “Mondale doesn’t show at debate.”


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