Our friends at Real Clear

Our friends at Real Clear Politics report the following poll numbers. In Missouri, Talent (R) 50 percent, Carnahan (D) 46 percent. In Colorado, Allard (R) 41 percent, Strickland (D) 40 percent. In Georgia, Cleland (D) 48 percent, Chambliss (R) 45 percent. The number of “undecideds” in Colorado this close to the election is astonishing. As I noted yesterday, the conventional wisdom is that most “undecideds” vote for the challenger, in this case Strickland. Michael Barone thinks that this won’t be the case in Colorado because the undecided voters are mostly Republicans who have recently arrived in the state and don’t know Allard yet. A third possibility, I suppose, is that the “undecideds” simply won’t vote in large numbers.


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