For those of you who

For those of you who like political predictions by folks who probably don’t know any more than you do, here are the predictions of a panel assembled by the Washington Post. The two panelists whose opiinions I value most are Bill Kristol and Amy Walter of Charlie Cook’s group. Walter, who had the best picks when the Post ran this feature in 2000, predicts that the Dems will hold onto 50 Senate seats, with the Republicans gaining a 12 vote majority in the House. She sees the Democrats winning a 27 to 22 majority among governors. Kristol sees almost the same outcomes in the House and gubernatorial contests, but predicts that the Dems will incrrease their edge in the Senate to 52-47. Both Walter and Kristol see Democrat Chris Van Hollen defeating incumbent Connie Morella in Maryland’s Eighth district, and I’m afraid that I agree. Each panelist makes one wild-card prediction. Kristol’s is that Coleman wins in Minnesota.


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