The Star Tribune’s campaign coverage

The Star Tribune’s campaign coverage this morning has a couple of stories worth reading. The paper’s account of President Bush’s appearance for Norm yesterday notes that the president referred to Xcel Center as the house that Norm built. I didn’t know that when I did the same twice yesterday. The story on Norm’s campaign is “Coleman energized.”
The companion story on Mondale’s campaign is “Bush to Mondale: Not so fast.” The Strib’s account of Mondale’s Sunday campaigning has a hilarious senior (liberal) moment. Yesterday Mondale came out for tax cuts. Unfortunately, the tax cuts would be limited to a group just about about the same size as the group Ann Coulter deduced that Joe Lieberman belongs to: orthodox Jews for partial birth abortion.
Here’s the Strib account of the Mondale tax cut plan: “Mondale said he would work to obtain tax credits for farmers who install wind turbines on their land. As he spoke in a pole barn to about 150 chilled supporters, two turbines turned quickly in a nearby field.
“‘It’s impossible for a farmer to get a tax credit for building these wind-powered fans, but if you are a company you can get the credit,’ Mondale said. ‘That’s got to be corrected so a farmer can put these kind of towers up, produce the kind of power that we need, pull us away from the dependence on foreign energy and make a little money off it.'” Right on!


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