I’ve been predicting that Connie

I’ve been predicting that Connie Morella will lose to Democratic challenger Chris Van Hollen here in Maryland’s 8th District. I’m not going to change my prediction, but some fairly savvy people are saying that Connie might just pull it out, now that it seems highly probable that the Republicans will hold the House. The logic is that the liberal swing voters really like Connie, and were leaning against her only because they want to see the Dems capture the House. If that hope is seen as unrealistic, these voters may “come home” to Connie. Of course, conservatives like me were motivated to vote for Connie laregly by the parallel rationale — to keep Republican control. But there aren’t that many conservatives here. Anyway, I voted before I heard about this logic. Plus, I promised my daughter, who worked for Connie, that I would forgive Connie’s vote against Clinton’s impeachment and vote for her this time.


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