It looks like the Republicans

It looks like the Republicans have the fifty seats, although Carnahan isn’t conceding yet. In South Dakota, Johnson is winning by 3,000 votes, but the western vote will start to come in strong soon, so it seems to look good for Thune. The word in Minnesota is that Coleman is exceeding expectations and should win. Michael Barone has noted that Coleman is cleaning up in Ventura’s strong areas. It looks like we’ll have a Lincoln Chafee proof Senate. The next big one to watch is the California gubernatorial race. It’s even right now, early in the tabulation process.
I’m going to sign off and try to sleep. If I’m too excited to do so, maybe I’ll log on again. This looks like a great night. Congratulations to Rocket Man for being perhaps the first to call Minnesota correctly (assuming things go as now expected). On the same assumption, I extend my insincere condolences to the now discredited Star Tribune polling deparatment. Thanks to everyone for all the support for Power Line the past few weeks. We hope you’ll stay with us for post mortems and other commentary in the coming months.