What could top off this

What could top off this almost perfect evening? Hugh Hewitt’s new WorldNetDaily column was posted moments ago, and seems to grasp the big picture tonight better than anything else out there at this moment. The column is “Getting past the CNN-spin,” and we commend it to your attention.
Getting to meet Hugh during his visit to Minneapolis this past weekend was the peak moment of what has been a magic carpet ride for us over the past month. We are sincerely grateful to him not only for his recognition, but also for his efforts to bring us to the attention of others. In his column this morning, he extends us his recognition again, and we ask your indulgence in concluding our coverage tonight with his take on our efforts here:
“[T]he new media has been an awesome check on spin. Hats off especially to the gents at Power Line who have revealed the polling operation of the Minneapolis Star Tribune to be an extension of the Democratic Farmer Labor Party and an embarrassment to journalists. The editorialists at the paper are openly hard left and collectivist, just as I am openly center-right and an enthusiast for the GOP. But the pollsters are supposed to be technicians. Thanks to Power Line, we know that the ‘technicians’ are either incompetent or frauds.”


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