Yesterday morning, I suggested that

Yesterday morning, I suggested that the Democrats would overreact to their electoral defeat and adopt a more explicitly leftist and virulently anti-Bush posture, probably to their detriment. National Review’s Dinesh D’Souza offers some amusing suggestions for how the Democrats might accomplish this. Meanwhile, on the same National Review Online page, Rod Dreher reports that we may get an early glimpse of this strategy in Louisiana, of all places. According to Dreher, Mary Landrieu is planning to discard her Bush-friendly moderate persona in her run-off election. Supposedly, she is preparing to run as a “Bush-bashing old-style Democrat” in order to energize her black supporters. I’m certainly not qualified to second-guess Mary Landrieu and her family when it comes to Louisiana politics, but Presdent Bush is quite popular in Louisiana. I tend to agree with Dreher that Landrieu’s proposed strategy sounds like a political “Hail Mary.”


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