Deacon’s post below provides the

Deacon’s post below provides the kind of historical perspective that makes us proud. But the examples cited really only highlight the unique depths to which Bill Luther sank in his desperate efforts to hold onto his office. With Luther’s connivance, Sam Garst filed as a candidate of a non-existent party: the “No New Taxes” party. And Garst himself was a Democratic activist in the tax-and-spend mold. Literally everything about his candidacy was fraudulent, simply intended to drain votes from John Kline under false pretenses.
The television advertisements that Luther ran the weekend before the election were designed to complement the fraudulent Garst candidacy by asserting that John Kline was in favor of a new tax, a national sales tax. Right through the final day of the campaign, Luther was trying to drain votes from Kline and drive them to the fraudulent Garst candidacy through the use of that advertisement.
By contrast, Benjamin Butler and John St. John were legitimate candidates and the Peoples’ Party and the Prohibition Party were bona fide parties. Let’s give Luther his due: his campaign hit a new kind of rock bottom in American politics.


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