Last night, I posted a

Last night, I posted a piece by Sam Schulman on the Jewish vote that Mrs. Trunk was kind enough to call to our attention. I suggested that Jews should abandon the Democratic Party, rather than trying to influence it, because anti-Semitic elements in the Party would inevitably become too powerful to counteract. Perhaps the best evidence for my premise can be found in a piece I posted over the weekend by two leading Democratic Congressmen, Martin Frost (Jewish) and John Lewis (African-American). In that piece, Frost subscribed to view that Jews, in effect, would simply have to get used to African-Americans supporting the Palestinian cause. Since the Democratic Party needs the African-American vote more than it needs the Jewish vote, one can ultimately substitute the phrase “Democratic Party” for “African-Americans” in Frost’s warning. Indeed, as Schulman points out, we got a glimpse of the future during the Clinton years, when successive Israeli governments were pressured by the U.S. to make concessions to the Palestinians even in the face of repeated PLO violations of the Oslo accords and escalating violence against Israel.
Of course, Jews are concerned about domestic issues too. But unless one is a socialist or a trial lawyer, the Democrats have little to offer Jews on the domestic front, other than higher taxes and affirmative action programs that discriminate against Jews (and other whites) on the basis of their skin color. This is not a Party with a soul worth fighting over.


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