Here’s a Washington Post story

Here’s a Washington Post story about Maryland’s Lieutenant Governor-elect Michael Steele, my former law firm colleague and Maryland’s first elected black state official. The article doesn’t mention it, but Steele’s sister, a medical doctor, happens to be the former wife of Iron Mike Tyson. The Post reports that the Ehrlich-Steele ticket got about 13 percent of the African-American vote. That’s more than the pre-election polls showed, but only marginally better than the rate of black support for Republican gubernatorial candidates in the recent past. As I speculated a few days ago, however, Steele may have helped Ehrlich by making him appear moderate to white voters. Here, the Washington Post reports that Ehrlich received two-thirds of the votes cast by white “moderates,” and that’s what decided the election. Overall, the final vote was 51 percent for Ehrlich and 48 percent for Townsend.


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