We are late getting on

We are late getting on to the story of the execrable Garrison Keillor and his hysterical jeremiad on Minnesota’s election of Norm Coleman to the United States Senate (Mrs. Rocket Man has sicced us on it). Keillor calls his piece “Empty victory for a hollow man.”
Blogger Mitch Berg has written an open letter to Keillor that he has posted on his terrific site, “A Shot in the Dark.” Here’s an excerpt from Mitch’s eloquent open letter:
“Baby-boomers, at least those who spend their declining years pining for Camelot, caterwaul endlessly about wanting to find ‘joy’ and ‘heroism’ in politics. And yet, how could one look further than Norm Coleman, the most joyfully political man in Minnesota politics today? The man who was…well, not heroic, but certainly above-and-beyond the call in the way he revitalized St. Paul. Not that that wasn’t without problems – we’re on the hook for the Excel Energy Center, and I really detest subsidizing pro sports. But he did a fabulous job – not that fellow St. Paulite Keillor would admit it.
“Beyond that, though – we don’t need joy or heroism in the Senate – because that means people are having too much fun doing that job, or that there are crises that must be solved. Do the job. Keep things out of trouble. Then go home. That’s all I ask.
“And that’s why we benighted slobs elected the apparently soulless, joyless bag of skin, Norm Coleman, over the joy-sotted Walter Mondale.”
Someone really needs to write an essay on the degeneration of humor in the hands of liberal moralists like Keillor. We reserve our thoughts on that subject for another day.


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