HonestReporting.com identifies the latest outrages

HonestReporting.com identifies the latest outrages in media coverage of Israel. For example, Time Magazine featured as one of its cartoons of the week a drawing from the Daytona Beach News entitled “Which Nukes Are You Most Afraid Of?” The candidates were North Korea, Iran, Iraq, al Qaeda, and Israel. And Maureen Dowd of the New York Times reported without critical comment the libelous and wholly fictitious claim of a Saudi deputy minister of education that Israeli math textbooks include questions such as, if you kill 10 Arabs one day and 12 the next, what is the total. HonestReporting also reprints an article by Alan Dershowitz in the National Post of Canada denouncing the mounting efforts on college campuses to treat Israel as a pariah state. Dershowitz is no hero at Power Line, but this piece is worth reading.


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