The photo below is of

The photo below is of Gennifer Flowers, taken in 1994 when she was reprising Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy birthday Mr. President” shtick for a comedy TV show. Ms. Flowers is newsworthy because a federal appellate court has just reinstated her defamation lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, George Stephanopolous and James Carville. They claimed that she doctored the audiotapes she made of her telephone conversations with Bill Clinton. She obviously didn’t–Clinton apologized to Mario Cuomo for calling him a “mafiosi” on one of her recordings–but it’s much too late to matter…on the other hand, can you think of three people you’d more like to see lose a defamation case than Hillary Clinton, George Stephanopolous and James Carville? I’d take that one for free. But as the Trunk and Deacon already know, I’m really posting on this so I can repeat one of my favorite lines of all time: Gennifer Flowers on a TV interview show, during her 1992 travails, saying: “Whoever it was who said, ‘You will know the truth and the truth will make you free,’ was full of s***.” Um, I believe that was Jesus. You can take the girl out of Sunday School, but you can’t take the Sunday School out of the girl. Not entirely, anyway. Congratulations, Gennifer, and good luck.


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