Here’s the Washington Post’s take

Here’s the Washington Post’s take on the Louisiana Senate race (thanks to my daughter for pointing me to it). The Post suggests that Landrieu is in “the fight of her life.” (What about her initial Senate race, which she won, or stole, by a razor thin margin?). It notes that voting in Democratic strongholds, and especially among African-Americans, was very light last week. The Post expects turnout to be even lower in the run-off, and it notes that the Republicans are still “flush with cash from the general election.” The Republicans plan to use the same strategy that worked for Saxby Chambliss in Georgia — essentially attacking her for not supporting President Bush on homeland security and tax cuts. Chambliss closed a gap comparable to the one some polls say Landrieu’s opponent, Suzanne Haik Terrell, now faces. On the other hand, Terrell is no Chambliss from what I can tell. And the Post notes that prominent Louisiana Republicans, including the governor, are refusing to endorse her. In short, Landrieu looks to be the clear favorite, but the race still seems worth watching.