You know it’s a really

You know it’s a really slow news night when we start talking about UFO’s. The Sci Fi cable TV channel reports that it is sending a team of archaeologists to Roswell, New Mexico to “verify once and for all” whether a UFO piloted by three aliens crash-landed there in 1947–as one humorist has pointed out, shortly before Al Gore was allegedly “born.” The Sci Fi channel promises a “smoking gun” when its story airs on November 22. In the meantime, I highly recommend that you get your hands on a cult movie classic: “Six Days in Roswell,” directed by Roger Nygard, the brother of Power Line reader Steve Nygard. The semi-documentary movie traces the odyssey of a young Minnesotan who journeys to Roswell for the annual alien festival. Only a few of the characters in the movie–generally speaking, the least wacky ones–are actors. It is extremely funny.