This morning’s Washington Post features

This morning’s Washington Post features the first excerpt from Bob Woodward’s forthcoming book, Bush at War. The excerpt is “A Struggle for the President’s Heart and Mind: Powell Journeyed From Isolation to Winning the Argument on Iraq.”
I find Woodward’s breathless you-are-there insider accounts written in his trademark leaden prose to be virtually unreadable. I’m also usually disappointed if not mystified by the administration officials who either confide in Woodward or use him for their own purposes. My reading of the excerpt this morning suggests that this group includes Colin Powell, his assistant Richard Armitage, and Condoleezza Rice; it does not appear to include Richard Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld. Deacon is our veteran WaPologist, and I solicit his help on this point.
This morning’s New York Times also has an extremely interesing story about JFK’s prescription drugs, “In Kennedy file, a portrait of illness and pain.” Here the relevant standard of comparison is probably Elvis, but the Times account offers us litle help in placing JFK’s usage along the Presley continuum. The Times does helpfully note that, based on a listening to the administration’s taped Cuban missile crisis deliberatons, JFK did not sound impaired. So there!


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