I think the Krauthammer piece

I think the Krauthammer piece posted below also helps us understand Keillor’s reaction to Norm Coleman. Watching this one from a distance, it seemed to me that it was Coleman’s moderation, good looks, and excellent demeanor that drove Keillor’s otherwise inexplicably rabid attack. Although the Minnesota liberals accused Coleman of viciously attacking Wellstone and Mondale, it may actually have been the fact that he didn’t — the respectful way, for example, he referred to Mondale as the Vice President throughout the debate even as he was burying this relic — that they made them so resentful. Sort of like the way certain liberals (Geraldo Rivera comes to mind) hated Kenneth Starr even more after they found that he hadn’t engaged in extra-marital sex while investigating Bill Clinton.
Unlike Krauthammer, I’m not a former psychiatrist (he recommends Thorazine for the liberal elites). But the vitriolic way certain liberals react to those conservatives (often moderate conservatives) who seem to lack inner demons suggests that their hatred has less to do with policy disagreement than with envy of apparent psychological well-being.


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