More on Minnesota’s Angry Humorist:

More on Minnesota’s Angry Humorist: Our friend and faithful reader Bruce Sanborn is chairman of the Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanhip and Minnesota’s foremost student of the unfunny one. As Rocket Man mentioned yesterday, twenty years ago Bruce wrote a long, thoughtful analysis of the unfunny one’s first Lake Wobegon novel and deduced, solely from a close reading of the text, that the guy was seething with hatred of America. The review appeared in the first incarnation of the Claremont Review of Books, the one that had to be put to sleep before it bankrupted the Claremont Institute, and is unfortunately unavailable in an electronic format. We have sent Bruce to the basement of his magnificient White Bear Lake home in search of a hard copy of his old review that we can transcribe into an electronic format. We have asked him not to come back upstairs until he finds it. Please stay tuned.
Today Bruce has forwarded his latest meditation on the unfunny one. Continuing our collective efforts to plumb his depths and to interpret his Salon rants, we proudly present Bruce’s contribution in its entirety, entitled “Sing, goddess, of the wrath


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