HonestReporting.com also blows the whistle

HonestReporting.com also blows the whistle on the leftists at “Reporters Without Borders”. This group has ranked Israel number 92 in the world in its “free press” index. Thus, Israel trails Lebanan (at 56) and the Palestinian Authority (at 82). The borderless reporters present these rankings even though Lebanon recently prosecuted a reporter for attending a conference in Washington D.C. where an Israeli offical was present, according to HonestReporting. And the PA has a record of violence towards journalists that even the bogus index acknowledges. Such is the mentality of some reporters who help shape the “world opinion” that Colin Powell and most Democrats believe we must obtain the approval of before we proceed to defend our security interests. Indeed, these reporters and their pals at the Associated Press probably help shape the opinions of some Democrats themselves.


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