Samizdata reminds us that today

Samizdata reminds us that today is National Ammo Day. For more information, check out the link. The basic idea is to “Celebrate the Second Amendment by buying an extra 100 rounds of ammunition on November 19th.” Despite growing up in South Dakota, I’ve never been much of a gun person. I do remember, however, a hand-lettered sign that stood for many years next to the highway on the way into my home town, advertising a local store. It said: “Kones Korner.” And then, underneath: “Beer. Guns. Ammo.” South Dakota’s version of one-stop shopping, circa 1962. Contemporary legal scholarship is becoming much more friendly toward gun rights than has been the case for for many years, and empirical data clearly show the value of firearms in deterring crime. I confess, however, that my own appreciation of gun rights arises mainly from how much they annoy liberals.


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