Not for the faint of

Not for the faint of heart: Someone with expertise in assessing “tipping points” should be asked to consider when Israel will reach its. According to an astounding Jerusalem Post article posted on the National Review Online Web site, Israel has sustained more than 15,000 terrorist attacks since the inception of the second so-called Intifada or pogrom in September 2000. The article is “15,000 and counting” by Michael Freund.
American/Israeli historian Michael Oren, resident of Jerusalem, father of three kids, author of the book of the year–Six Days of War–spoke in St. Paul on Tuesday this week. He speculated that the one factor that might push Israel toward an American-style resolution of its West Bank problem was a single mega-terrorist attack, of which Israel has prevented several; the odds of their success in continuing to do so are necessarily diminishing. He observed that to this point Israel has exercised superhuman restraint–a point confirmed in spades by this Jerusalem Post article. He added a point that I have often thought but never seen expressed–that if an American city or state had sustained the kind of terroritst attacks Israel has withstood for the past two years, the West Bank would have been flattened long ago.


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