Reader Greg Nesmith reports from

Reader Greg Nesmith reports from Baton Rouge that Democrat Mary Landrieu “is in big trouble and everyone knows it.” Greg tells us that “Vice President Cheney’s visits were well-received and got a lot of publicity here; meanwhile, there is zero excitement in the Landrieu camp. Imagine what will happen when the President himself comes to town.” Other points from Greg: (1) after the “Meet the Press” debate, Republican Terrell is viewed as having held her own with Landrieu and people can now see her in the Senate seat, (2) Landrieu is going to be hurt by the abortion issue in conservative, Catholic Louisiana, (3) the Landrieu camp talked about “moving left” but in reality, she is trying to appear more conservative, but (4) it doesn’t seem to be working. Landrieu was one of three Democrats to vote with President Bush on homeland security, but then it came out, through Rush Limbaugh, that she “held” her vote until after Bush had his majority. Greg concludes: “Of course, we have a long way to go, but unless someone can prove Terrell was a former Klan member, Landrieu is in big trouble.”


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