The increasingly pathetic Tom Daschle,

The increasingly pathetic Tom Daschle, apparently trying to hang on to his job a little longer, has spent the last two days blasting Rush Limbaugh and other radio talk show hosts for the “fact” that he and other liberal leaders are supposedly receiving increasing numbers of threats. We have no data at all on threats made against politicians of either party–if someone threatens Norm Coleman, is Garrison Keillor to blame? If, God forbid, President Bush were to be assassinated, would Maureen Dowd and Paul Krugman be prosecuted? There are no data here to talk about. But it is fair to say that Rush Limbaugh presents a more lucid, rational, balanced take on the news every day than, for example, the New York Times. And the Times is far more imbued with hate. Here is Rush’s response to Daschle’s outrageous attack. The fact is that talk radio attracts a high-quality, well-educated audience, and engages in political discussion far above what we generally see in our daily newspapers. Our friend Hugh Hewitt is just one of a number of radio hosts whose intellectual attainments leave Daschle and his ilk in the shade. Once again, the Democrats’ strategy is painfully obvious: if you can’t beat them, demonize them and disqualify them from public discourse. Next in line after talk radio hosts are bloggers.