The Washington Times carries Bob

The Washington Times carries Bob Tyrell’s appreciation of Robert Bartley’s valedictory that we posted yesterday: “Credo that overcame.” Both Bartley’s career and his speech deserve greater consideration than we gave it yesterday, and Tyrell makes a fine contribution with this column.
By contrast, Diana West’s column makes painful reading. She more or less picks up from the point Daniel Pipes left us at in his Wednesday New York Post column, imploring us to acquaint ourselves with the true face of those who want to destroy us: “Bush takes up Islam’s pompom.”
It apparently took Bob Woodward’s book to make Washington Post columnist David Ignatius pay tribute to President Bush, but pay tribute he does this morning in his column “Bush the resolute.” Great quote: “Bush’s record as a wartime leader thus far bears comparison to these giants of American history [Lincoln, Roosevelt, JFK, and LBJ–hey, this is the WaPo!].”
And Charles Krauthammer, great as always, considers the events occurring before his eyes in “The bold road to NATO expansion.”
It is difficult to assimilate the human details involved in the barbarous two-year-old war being conducted against Israel and its citizens. The Washington Post has an unusal (for a mainstream American newspaper) account that attempts to bring home some of the reality of what is occurring. The story looks like it runs on page one this morning: “Everything started to burn.” Warning: this one hurts.


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