The New York Post has

The New York Post has by far the most interesting information we’ve seen on the capture of Abd al-Nashiri, al Qaeda’s operations chief in the Persian Gulf region. Apparently he was caught while trying to flee to Malaysia; he is believed to know Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts, and the Post reports that a Delta Force unit was on alert to find and kill bin Laden as soon as Nashiri talked. Unfortunately, but hardly surprisingly, Nashiri didn’t squeal on his boss. An unidentified U.S. official was quoted as saying, “He has been of some help, but we were unable to get any information about bin Laden’s location from him.” Maybe the mistake was not letting him get to Malaysia. Their interrogation methods–like the Indonesians’, judging from their success in rounding up the Sari Club bombers–are probably more productive than ours.


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