The new issue of the

The new issue of the Weekly Standard is out this morning. Christopher Caldwell’s “The Democrats’ Abuse Excuse” is this morning’s must-read piece. The whole piece is excellent, but here’s a representative sample: “Unfortunately, Daschle’s remarks probably were spontaneous. They reflected an instinctual defense of the high and the mighty (whom Daschle referred to throughout as ‘those of us in public life’) from oversight by the voting public, who are cast not just as irrelevant but as a menace to public order. ‘What happens when Rush Limbaugh attacks those of us in public life,’ Daschle said, ‘is that people aren’t satisfied just to listen, they want to act because they get emotionally invested.’ Gee whiz! Imagine the citizens of a democratic republic getting ’emotionally invested’ in the affairs of their country! Imagine voters so uppity that they ‘aren’t satisfied just to listen,’ but actually participate and organize!” (Courtesy of RealClearPolitics.)


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