The big news story this

The big news story this morning is Michael Isikoff’s article in Newsweek about a money trail leading from the wife of Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the U.S. to two men who befriended and financially supported two of the Saudi 9/11 hijackers. The Administration has acknowledged that this money trail is being investigated, but has tried to cool the story down. Whether this particular lead pans out or not, there is no question that the Saudis have supported the terrorists, directly and indirectly, for a long time. Many people (including the Trunk) have been frustrated by the Administration’s apparent willingness to ignore the Saudis’ support for terrorism and treat them as an ally in the war. My own view is that President Bush and his team have in mind an order in which they intend to address the various sources of terrorism, and the Saudis’ turn has not yet come. When that time does come, regime change in Saudi Arabia will be a breeze compared to Iraq or Iran. Meanwhile, I see no reason not to take advantage of the Saudis’ duplicity and make use of whatever support they give us in the war.


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