“Vegan animal rights activist” Volkert

“Vegan animal rights activist” Volkert van der Graaf has confessed to murdering Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn last May, explaining that “he saw Mr. Fortuyn’s far-right views as a threat to vulnerable sections of society.” Even the prosecutor who announced van der Graaf’s confession stated, apparently as a purely factual matter: “[Van der Graaf] was concerned about Fortuyn’s prejudiced political views…and the incendiary way [he] presented them….” In Western Europe, anyone who tries to talk honestly about immigration is ipso facto “far right” and therefore disqualified from respectable political participation. Fortuyn, a gay sociologist, was hardly “far right,” but he did try to defend the Netherlands’ liberal culture against what he saw as an aggressive, intolerant Muslim immigrant culture manifesting no desire to assimilate. I don’t want to beat the dead Daschle horse here, but isn’t it reasonable to question whether the relentless and monolithic demonization of all those in Western Europe who doubt the wisdom of wide-open immigration policies bears at least some responsibility for Fortuyn’s murder? Do you suppose Daschle and his colleagues will express any such concern?


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