The latest al-Qaeda attacks targeted

The latest al-Qaeda attacks targeted an Israeli-owned hotel and airliner in Kenya, the latter through the use of what must have been some kind of missile or rocket propelled grenade. The best accounts of the attacks at this time are in the Jerusalem Post: “Three Israelis among eight killed in twin Kenya terror attacks.” The Post happened to have reporter Kelly Hartog on the scene, and she filed her own first-hand report: “‘Post’ editor’s firsthand report of carnage at Kenyan beach hotel.” The Post also has a separate story on the attack on the plane: “Arkia passenger: We heard an explosion on the left side of the plane.”
Israeli Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows a thing or two about terrorism, and the Post has a separate article with his reaction: “Netanyahu: attacks are grave escalation of terror against Israel.”
The Post’s most recent updates report that two suspects have been apprehended: “Kenyan police arrest two suspects in connection with Mombasa bombing,” and “Two of three attackers identified as an Egyptian, and a Kenyan Muslim.”


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