A couple days ago I

A couple days ago I tried to express my indebtedness to the Claremont Institute and my appreciation for its outstanding flagship publication, the Claremont Review of Books. I also posted my favorite review from the current issue that is available online (I understand the new issue is in the mail), Steve Hayward’s review of the third volume of Robert Caro’s gargantuan biography of LBJ, The Master of the Senate. Steve himself is the author of The Age of Reagan, the audacious life and times of the Gipper that will do for Reagan and conservatives what Schlesinger did for Roosevelt and liberals with The Age of Roosevelt. The first volume of Steve’s projected two volumes came out in September 2001, and got a little lost in the news at the time, but the book is terrific and will be around for a long time. I mention Steve’s book because in it he traces “the collapse of the old liberal order” to LBJ and the Great Society. Hayward on Caro is the review I wanted to read, and the Claremont Review delivered it.
I heard on the news this morning that The Master of the Senate has been awarded the National Book Award (or whatever it’s called now) for nonfiction this year. So once more once, Hayward on Caro: “The Making of LBJ.”


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