The Weekly Standard out this

The Weekly Standard out this morning has a fascinating report by Stephen Hayes from the front lines of the Landrieu-Terrell race: “The Battle of New Orleans.” The article contains a couple extremely harsh quotes from Terrell and her campaign attacking Landrieu. Hayes asks Terrell about each one, and she sounds remarkably reasonable and undefensive.
With respect to the publicized remark she made, in the course of a televised debate, about Landrieu’s abandonment of her faith, for example, Terrell says: “Maybe it’s an inappropriate comment. I don’t know. But as a practicing Catholic, I just don’t understand how she can reconcile being a Catholic with her support for federal funding of abortions on overseas military bases, or with distributing morning-after pills in school.”
With respect to a fire-up-the-troops statement by one of her supporters suggesting that the race pitted the “righteous” versus the “wicked,” Terrell says: “Well, you know, people have the right to characterize how they see it. There are major differences between Mary and I, big philosophical differences. I think people see things based on their own philosophies and their own view of life. I say what I believe, and even if people disagree with my philosophy, I think the voters know I’ll work hard to promote Louisiana and Louisiana values.”
My only quarrel with Terrell is her failure to use the objective form of the first-person pronoun, a kind of educated illiteracy that drives me nuts. In all other respects I think God’s on her side.


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