Tyesha Edwards, Minneapolis’s 11-year-old murder

Tyesha Edwards, Minneapolis’s 11-year-old murder victim, was buried yesterday. Both the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press carry stories on her funeral, and they are both worth reading. The Star Tribune story is “Tyesha is remembered as call goes out to end the violence” and the Pioneer Press story is “Peace for Tyesha.”
In the Star Tribune story Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak suggests that public officials will have more to say regarding the murder in coming days: “After the service, Rybak would say only that the same vigilance that people saw as investigators worked with the community to find Tyesha’s killers will continue on a broader scale. ‘People will have plenty to say in the days to come,’ he said. ‘Today is about Tyesha.'”
The Pioneer Press also carries an updated version of our column on the murder of Tyesha Edwards: “Minneapolis has allowed itself to become a haven for gangsters.”


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