Don’t miss Mark Steyn on

Don’t miss Mark Steyn on the euro-Canadian anti-American “psychosis” manifested by the persistent refrain that President Bush is a moron. To fully appreciate the piece, add Glenn Reynolds’ gloss from InstaPundit:
“Actually, it’s an example of successful propaganda. Recognizing that these folks care more about feeling good about themselves than about actual accomplishments in the real world, Bush has given them a way to do just that, while he occupies himself with, well, the real world. It’s brilliant: Everybody’s happy. Sure, American dominance over the world continues to grow, but the Euros secretly like that — it’s certainly better than taking responsibility for the world themselves, and it allows the luxury of sounding dire warnings from the sidelines that no one is expected to take seriously or actually act upon. Like any shrewd negotiator, Bush has figured out how to give the other guy what he really wants, while still getting his way.”