Wishful thinking from the Washington

Wishful thinking from the Washington Post: “Antiwar Effort Gains Momentum.” The “growing” antiwar movement is the subject of this WaPo puff piece, which, however, supplies no evidence that the movement is growing at all. And, while the Post’s subtitle breathlessly announces that the “Growing Peace Movement’s Ranks Include Some Unlikely Allies,” the article itself confirms that the “peace movement” consists of exactly the same tired, old faces that emerge every time armed conflict occurs–the National Council of Churches, Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and so on. One new group is the main focus of the article: Mothers Against War. (“I said that all mothers should automatically be against war,” the group’s founder says. “It was against their nature to be violent instead of nurturing.”) This new group, however, turns out to be the same as the old group, as the Post admits that most of its members are “grandmothers in their seventies.” What unites these various groups is, as always, their fond memories of VietNam. The military, having less fond memories of VietNam, has taken great care that no subsequent conflict resemble VietNam in any respect. But the “antiwar movement” is still hoping for a return to its glory days.


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