I posted earlier on the

I posted earlier on the Washington Post’s paean to the “growing” antiwar movement. This article on something called the “IndyMedia Center” conveys a sense of how pathetic the antiwar movement is here in Minnesota. I’d guess it isn’t much better elsewhere. The author describes picketing a local television station with “Say No War With Iraq” signs. The demonstration wasn’t too successful: “Turnout was low, only three people showed up–which may have been due to the fact that it was at noon….” The demonstrators’ patience was rewarded, however, when something sinister happened: “Oddly enough, while the three were outside protesting, a US soldier in full battle camouflage and wearing a black beret exited the KSTP building…Unfortunately this reporter was unable to snap a photo of him while directly in front of the KSTP building, but he did get a couple photos of him walking to his car….It is unknown what the soldier was doing at KSTP, and this reporter will draw no conclusions without further information. However, it was quite a striking image to see: as three people stand protesting the pro-war bias of the corporate media, they see a soldier exiting a corporate media outlet.”


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