It looks like I spoke

It looks like I spoke too soon on the issue of voter fraud in the South Dakota Senate race. The Washington Times reports that Republican poll workers have signed affidavits alleging serious irregularities on Indian reservations, including voters being paid to vote for Tim Johnson; voters giving multiple names to poll workers until they came across one who hadn’t already voted; and organizing rides for voters from within the polling place. Three Indians have signed affidavits saying they were paid $10 apiece to vote for Johnson. Johnson’s campaign manager has refused to comment, and says he won’t respond unless van drivers alleged to have paid voters sign affidavits admitting that they did so. “Three people claiming to have been paid [in affidavits] isn’t good enough for me to comment.” It looks like this story isn’t going away after all.
The South Dakota newspapers aren’t reporting anything on this yet, and the incoming Republican Secretary of State had no knowledge of the investigation. So I assume this operation is being carried out by the national party.


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