More violence in the Middle

More violence in the Middle East:
“Tensions have been running high between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza City following a series of incidents in which several people were killed. On Wednesday night, Fatah gunmen opened fire at a group of Hamas activists while they were painting graffiti on the walls congratulating Palestinians on the occasion of Id al-Fitr, killing two.
“The killings triggered a confrontation between dozens of Hamas and Fatah gunmen, who also lobbed hand grenades and bombs at each other.
“This was the second confrontation of its kind in the past 72 hours. Earlier, rival students at the Azhar University engaged in a gun battle on campus. Several people were reportedly wounded, but no one was killed. The university administration decided to suspend studies until further notice.
“Witnesses said scores of Fatah gunmen participated in Thursday’s pre-dawn attack. They said the assailants were forced to retreat after Hamas gunmen returned fire. The Fatah gunmen also attacked a number of mosques.”
The root cause of the violence, of course, is Israel’s “occupation” of the West Bank.


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