Elliot Abrams is one of

Elliot Abrams is one of my heroes. As a State Department assistant secretary for Inter-American Affairs from 1985-88, he was an indomitable foot soldier in the Reagan administration’s rollback of Communism. Because of his vociferous attack on Communism in Nicaragua, and because he was such an effective public spokesman, the left hated him with a passion. The left got a measure of revenge in 1991 when Abrams became one of the victims of the Iran-Contra independent prosecutor, Lawrence Walsh. It is a Kafkaesque story that Abrams tells in detail in his gripping book Undue Process.
The good news is that Abrams has returned to public life in a big way. Yesterday Fred Barnes had an outstanding piece on the Weekly Standard Web site making sense of Abrams’ appointment to a key position under Condoleezza Rice on the National Security Council staff: “Mr. Rice Guy.” This morning’s New York Times tells the story its way in “Abrams back in capital fray at center of Mideast battle.”


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