Two more items that are

Two more items that are worth your time today, courtesy of RealClearPolitics: Walter Isaacson presents what seems to me a nuanced portrait of Henry Kissinger (ignore Isaacson’s liberal digs at current betes noires such as Donald Rumsfeld) in connection with his appointment to the 9/11 commission by President Bush: “History Student.” Isaacson is chairman of CNN (ouch!) and coauthor of a biography of Kissinger. He is also coauthor of an extremely interesting biography of the architects of the Cold War, The Wise Men. In this article Isaacson does not mention any of Kissinger’s three volumes of memoirs. I have never looked at Kissinger the same since I read the first of those three volumes, a book that must be the finest volume of memoirs by an American public official this side of Grant’s autobiography.
Also worth a look is John Feinstein’s take on the merry spikesters at the Times: “Not fit to print?” Feinstein has not failed to notice that the Times has become a national laughingstock, and here he is noting the fact on the editorial page of the Washington Post (ouch! again).


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