Linda Chavez, in the Washington

Linda Chavez, in the Washington Times, on the two cases about race-based admission policies at the University of Michigan that the Supreme Court has agreed to decide. Chavez notes that the median SAT score for black students admitted to the University of Michigan is 230 points lower than for admitted whites, while the grade point average for these black students is nearly half a point lower on a four-point scale. The graduation rate for blacks at the University is only about two-thirds, compared to 90 percent for whites. Chavez adds that, if racial preferences were not used, the blacks who are being admitted to the University because of their race would not be denied the opportunity to attend college. Instead, they would attend other colleges where they would not be at a disadvantage in competing with their white and Asian peers.
These two cases are of great interest to all three of us Power Line. We expect to have more to say about them over the next few months.